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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find questions and answers about wordpress themes.

How to install a wordpress theme?

We will answer these questions in our video.

How to add a favicon?

You can easily change the favicon sections in all our WordPress themes.

How to change the currency symbol?

You can set the currency you want in our Shop themes by following the steps.

How to enable registration form?

You can easily activate the registration form in our Shop themes.

Why the price filter and categories are not working?

You can easily adjust your filter price and category settings.

How to change wordpress site language?

You can change the site language by following the steps.

How to adding a variable product?

You can easily learn out by reading this article.

How to enable product categories on Menu?

You can add product categories to the menu by watching the video.

How to edit styles through Elementor?

You can easily edit all styles in our theme with elementor.

How to set Cart - Checkout and My Account Page?

You can easily set up your store pages by watching our video.

How to translate WordPress Themes and Plugins using Loco Translate?

You can easily translate on your site by watching our video.